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At the Law Offices of Michael R. Abram, we regularly handle a wide range of Delaware traffic violations for local residents, visitors, and tourists from outside of the state. Before you pay that ticket, talk to a Delaware traffic ticket attorney at our office. Clients are often surprised to learn that they actually have options to fight the ticket. We can review your case and work towards keeping your driving record clean and minimizing the effect on your insurance rates.

Speeding Tickets in Delaware

While the initial cost of a speeding ticket in Delaware is low, the fine will depend on how fast you were going at the time of your traffic stop. Speeding tickets in Delaware start at $20 for speeding less than 5 mph with subsequent speeding violations being a $25 fine. Delaware Title 21 breaks down amounts further with each additional mph over the speed limit increases the fine by up to $4.

Under Delaware law, you can be charged with a traffic violation if you are charged with:

  • Speeding
  • Driving without insurance
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Reckless driving
  • Passing a school bus

Learn more about how to fight a speeding ticket in Delaware by scheduling a FREE initial consultation today.

Proven Counsel for Delaware Traffic Violations

Man pulled over by a police officer - Delaware traffic violations

There are usually effective ways of combating traffic charges. For example, a probation before judgment is a mechanism where someone without a traffic conviction 5 years prior to receiving their ticket is eligible to pay the fine and have the ticket dismissed resulting in no conviction or points on their record, which can be very beneficial when considering car insurance rates.

These are available for most driving charges, not only speeding. There is also a mechanism for out-of- state drivers where a plea can be entered without having to return to Delaware to attend court, allowing for the charge to be dismissed with Probation Before Judgment with little effort by the person receiving the ticket.

Consultations for traffic matters are free and can be done rather quickly by phone for an out of state driver or someone who does not have the time to come to the office for a free consultation. Our Delaware criminal defense attorneys are available 24/7 and welcome clients all across Sussex County & Kent County, as well as visitors to the state.

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