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Comprehensive Narcotics Defense in Sussex & Kent Counties

Drug crimes are prosecuted aggressively by law enforcement officials. From drug possession, manufacturing, sale, to trafficking, contact our Delaware criminal defense attorney at Abram and Hutchison for sophisticated defense. We understand that there is a lot at stake, and we can fight for the best possible outcome, either through negotiating an alternative sentence in drug diversion programs, a dismissal, or an acquittal in court. Whether your child was arrested or you are facing drug crime accusations, turn to us for competent guidance at all stages of your criminal case.

    We can defend a broad range of drug crimes, including:

    • Marijuana
    • Cocaine
    • Heroin
    • Vicodin
    • Opium
    • Methadone
    • Prescription drugs

    Tell our Delaware drug crime attorney about your case during a free evaluation.

    What are the Penalties for Drug Crimes in Delaware?

    Penalties for drug crimes depend on the type of drug, the quantity, your prior record, what you intended to do with the drug, and any other aggravating factors, such as whether it occurred in a school or involved a minor.

    Depending on your individual circumstances, you may be facing penalties that include jail time, fines, and more. A drug crime conviction will also lead to a criminal record, severely limiting your future job and housing opportunities.

    Defenses Against Drug Charges

    To effectively defend against your charges, you need an aggressive and strategic defense strategy. In drug cases, it is important to scrutinize how evidence is obtained by law enforcement. If the evidence against you was obtained illegally and your rights were violated in the process, we may be able to get the evidence or even the entire case dismissed.

    Our Delaware criminal defense lawyer is thorough when investigating a drug crime and aggressive when pushing for a favorable outcome. Every detail matters in drug cases, and we take a comprehensive approach when investigating and building a case. We regularly handle drug charges for local residents and those from outside of the state. To learn more about how we can defend your drug charges and to learn your rights, contact our team.

    Schedule Your Free Case Evaluation Today with our Delaware drug crime lawyer at (302) 273-1442.


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    Fighting for Your Best Interest
    • Dismissed Dealing Marijuana, and DUI

      Originally charged with drug Dealing Marijuana, and DUI. Was able to get the drug dealing charges reduced at preliminary hearing, then trial followed. At trial was able to keep out the radar evidence in this case and the state was not able to prove Reasonable Articulable Suspicion for the stop, all charges dismissed.

    • Not Guilty DUI

      A suppression motion granted for no probable cause, kept out the portable breathe test on foundation.

    • Dismissed DUI

      DUI attempting to convict Mr. Abram's client for drug use - successfully argued that the state forensic chemist was not qualified to testify to the effects of the substance and the state failed to comply with expert discovery.

    • Dismissed DUI

      Held a suppression hearing after the client was pulled over for not having his headlights on. Mr. Abram successfully argued that the state did not have probable cause to make an arrest.

    • Dismissed DUI

      Officer stopped the Defendant for Speeding, was able to show that the Defendant performed well on his field tests and that the officer did not properly administer all of the field tests, no probable cause for arrest, case dismissed.

    • Dismissed DUI
    • Dismissed DUI

      DUI arrest. Was able to successfully argue that after the performance of field tests the officer lacked probable cause to make the arrest for DUI, case dismissed.

    • Not Guilty DUI

      DUI arrest. Driver was stopped for running a stop sign, it was successfully argued that the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt the Defendant was under the influence of alcohol, not guilty DUI.

    • Dismissed DUI

      Originally convicted of DUI in Justice of the Peace Court, case was appealed to Court of Common pleas and the court found no probable cause for the arrest for DUI, case dismissed.

    • Dismissed DUI

      DUI case. Case was voluntarily dismissed by the State following a motion filed by the defense challenging the validity of the stop in this case, the Defendant was not required to appear for trial.


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