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Successful Defense 
for Serious Charges
We have 30 years of combined criminal law experience. We know 
what it takes to achieve the best possible result for your case.

Delaware Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the Law Office of Michael R. Abram, we are 100% focused on defending your rights in court. Our Delaware criminal defense lawyers are known for their impressive history of not guilty verdicts and case dismissals, even winning cases in Superior Court and the Delaware Supreme Court. We have skillfully defended cases ranging from traffic offenses to first-degree murder. Whatever criminal charges you face, we are determined to fight for you.

  • A History of Not Guilty Verdicts & Case Dismissals
  • Over 30 Years of Combined Legal Experience
  • We Specialize in Criminal Defense
  • Former Prosecutor Fighting in Your Corner
  • Our Attorneys Personally Handle Every Step of Your Case
  • Available 24/7 | Spanish-Speaking Services

A Firm that Has Your Back

The Law Offices of Michael R. Abram is a boutique law firm that takes pride in providing personalized service to each client. Whether you decide to take your case to trial or accept a plea deal, we give you all the facts so you can make the right choices. Our Delaware criminal defense attorneys directly handle your case at every stage and can guide you through the criminal process.
Client Testimonials Earning Our Reputation by Protecting Yours
    “We were upset and confused but Mike reassured us, and moved quickly and effectively to resolve the situation. We were grateful and very impressed with him.”

    - Carolyn

    “He is an excellent attorney, and while I hope to never be in that situation again, I would strongly recommend Mr. Abram to anyone in need of criminal defense while vacationing in Lower Slower Delaware.”

    - A Client

    “Michael is the very best lawyer I have ever in my years driving! Outstanding lawyer! Chose him and the best results will happen with him as your lawyer. Thanks again Michael !!!!”

    - Liz

    “His office team is available and helpful with any questions, concerns, or correspondence . He's prompt with appointments. I would definitely refer Mr. Abram with any legal concerns you may have.”

    - C.M.

    “Michael handled my case with great professionalism. I received the outcome that we expected... charges were dropped !! Great lawyer”

    - R.G.

    “He is more than fair financially. He and his Team have taken excellent care of me and my friends for years. Would absolutely recommend him for anyone in need of his type of help.”

    - M.P.


We Care About Results

Fighting for Your Best Interest
  • Dismissed DUI

    Argued in the Court of Common Pleas that there was no Reasonable Articulable Suspicion for the stop that had our client arrested for DUI. It was alleged that our client was speeding and driving all over the road.

  • Dismissed Felony Third Offense DUI in Superior Court

    Filed a motion to suppress the stop based on the fact that his swerving over the line was not a violation of the law as it was not unsafe. Court agreed, motion granted case dismissed. Client will now not be deported.

  • Dismissed Money Laundering

    Driver was pulled over for unreasonable speed and failure to maintain his lane of travel. The officer could smell marijuana and arrested the Defendant and seized approximately $35,000 that was alleged to be used to buy cigarettes to transport to New York.

  • Dismissed Possession of Marijuana and Cocaine

    Caught with 17 pounds of marijuana and 6 pounds of cocaine on a traffic stop. We filed a motion to suppress and successfully argued that his detention was unlawful and that any consent given was involuntary given his unlawful detention.

  • Not Guilty Rape 1st Trial in Sussex County

    The Defendant was accused by his long time girlfriend of attempting to have sex with her granddaughter. The Defendant fled the scene prior to police showing up. The evidence showed that the girlfriend was intoxicated and misunderstood what was going on, the Defendant was found not guilty on all counts.

  • Dismissed Superior Court 7th offense DUI

    Was able to argue that the blood search warrant was not specific enough, blood suppressed.

  • Not Guilty Theft, Criminal Mischief, Reckless Endangering, and Criminal Trespass

    A boat captain was charged with destroying equipment and stealing items off the boat he was in charge of. Originally came in as a felony case, was reduced to misdemeanors at preliminary hearing, then not guilty at bench trial.


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