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Being arrested can be an incredibly distressing experience. As the threat of incarceration and exorbitant fines loom over a person’s head, it can be difficult to know where to turn and who to trust. At Abram and Hutchison, our Rehoboth Beach criminal defense attorneys make this decision easy. If you have been charged with committing a crime in Rehoboth Beach, either as a resident or out-of-state visitor, our firm can protect your rights in court and fight to secure a reduction or dismissal of your charges on your behalf.

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Powerful Defenses for a Variety of Charges

Having dedicated 100% of our practice to criminal defense, we are equipped with the vast legal knowledge and passion to defend you against nearly any type of charge. With passionate representation and an unparalleled dedication to protecting your rights, our firm can provide the hard-hitting advocacy you need to get you through this difficult time with your freedom and dignity intact.

Our firm can take on the following types of cases:

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Your chances of securing a desirable outcome for your situation are only as good as the criminal defense team you have by your side. Public defenders, while affordable, are oftentimes inexperienced and will oftentimes lack a personal investment in the outcome of your case due to their massive caseload. At Abram and Hutchison, we dedicate the time to get to know each client’s circumstances on an intimate level, allowing us to craft a customized strategy for each individual case. Your freedom is far too important – contact us today to retain the defense you deserve.

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  • Dismissed Dealing Marijuana, and DUI

    Originally charged with drug Dealing Marijuana, and DUI. Was able to get the drug dealing charges reduced at preliminary hearing, then trial followed. At trial was able to keep out the radar evidence in this case and the state was not able to prove Reasonable Articulable Suspicion for the stop, all charges dismissed.

  • Not Guilty DUI

    A suppression motion granted for no probable cause, kept out the portable breathe test on foundation.

  • Dismissed DUI

    DUI attempting to convict Mr. Abram's client for drug use - successfully argued that the state forensic chemist was not qualified to testify to the effects of the substance and the state failed to comply with expert discovery.

  • Dismissed DUI

    Held a suppression hearing after the client was pulled over for not having his headlights on. Mr. Abram successfully argued that the state did not have probable cause to make an arrest.

  • Dismissed DUI

    Officer stopped the Defendant for Speeding, was able to show that the Defendant performed well on his field tests and that the officer did not properly administer all of the field tests, no probable cause for arrest, case dismissed.

  • Dismissed DUI
  • Dismissed DUI

    DUI arrest. Was able to successfully argue that after the performance of field tests the officer lacked probable cause to make the arrest for DUI, case dismissed.

  • Not Guilty DUI

    DUI arrest. Driver was stopped for running a stop sign, it was successfully argued that the state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt the Defendant was under the influence of alcohol, not guilty DUI.

  • Dismissed DUI

    Originally convicted of DUI in Justice of the Peace Court, case was appealed to Court of Common pleas and the court found no probable cause for the arrest for DUI, case dismissed.

  • Dismissed DUI

    DUI case. Case was voluntarily dismissed by the State following a motion filed by the defense challenging the validity of the stop in this case, the Defendant was not required to appear for trial.


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